James Lovell signing copies of his book on the Apollo scam entitled "Fifty Shades of Essentially Grey"
"Look darling, Neil and Buzz pretending to be on the Moon, don't they look silly?"
"Yes Mummy, they look more like clowns in a circus, I'm only 2½, and even I can see how fake the whole thing is"
Goddamn, flapping flag has totally blown our Moon landing lies.
Looks as though Armstrong fell flat on his face when he landed on the Moon.
Hang about a bit, if this is not the Moon, then why is there a gigantic photo mural in the background showing a (fake), lunar landscape? For faking the Apollo 14 photographs maybe? No prizes for guessing.
"Hey Neil, this piece of hard baked chewing gum. Do you reckon we could pass it off as a piece of Moon rock?"
"I don't see why not Buzz, hard baked gum or petrified wood, PAN's have become so brainwashed by NASA lies, they will believe any BS we tell them."
Dam Tesco shopping trolly's have turned up just about everywhere, including the Moon. Note the astronaut is wearing a smart, tailor made 100% wool space suit, and NO helmet. No helmet on the Moon good grief.
"Hi PAN's John Young here. This is Mauna Kea in Hawaii, one of the many places where I, and the other astronauts, acted out our fake Moon scenario's. We were playing what was known as the 'Moon Game".
"Look behind me, there is the South Massive, so commonly seen in the fake Apollo 17 Moon pictures. Of course if the picture was shown in colour you would see the green vegetation, which is why Tuttle, after pasting image on desert photo, converted it to monochrome"
Right guy's, we ain't gonna get anywhere near the Moon, so we may as well dig a few craters here, if only to satisfy those gullible PAN's.
We can get a JCB to dig the bigger craters, and dynamite charge for when we go for the super big craters.
We'll just chuck in a few buckets of building sand, for Mr Schmitt, so that he can claim to have found 'orange soil' on the Moon.
"No Bill, we are not digging footings for
a building, moreover we are digging fake craters for a fake Moon landscape."
Dynamite sure beats the shovel and graft when making fake Moon craters.
Neil and Buzz must have dropped their nuts on Moon, (acorn nuts that is). We now have a huge forest of trees on the Moon. Should keep them Moon squirrels happy anyway.
Ask James Lovell what colour Moon squirrels are, and he will tell you they are "Essentially grey, no colour, look like plaster of paris."
Talking of 'plaster of paris', (NASA's favorite substance for creating fake Moonscapes, to photograph), there is this picture.
PAN's tell us that Moon rocks prove the landings, however they never told us the astronauts brought a whole section of the Moon back with them.
Now Bill we must get this colour scheme right first time, otherwise Jim Lovell will go ballistic.
This fake plaster paris Moon surface is to be sprayed 'Essentially Grey' so as to match the decor inside Langley Research Centere.
Look PAN's, 1960's state of the fart, (sorry art), computer technology. It's big man, very, very big, and comes with a mind blowing 50k memory.
Think I'll nip down to PC World and get me one, dunno where I'll put it though. Better ask the Apollo astronauts they managed to squeeze it into a very confined space.
NASA engineers would do well to visit Pakistan to find out how to simulate one sixth gravity. Ordinary peasants there have achieved it without any kind of ropes, pulleys and counter balance weights.

Yes we have 'lift off', lift off of the Apollo donkey.
"Does that guy in the space suit know that the arse seam is split? Could be embarrassing if he was seen "Mooning on the Moon."
"Don't worry he ain't going anywhere near the Moon, more a case of faffing about in Arizona. That ain't nowhere near as embarrassing for NASA when the media find out we faked the whole thing."
With only 2 astronauts on the Moon, I wonder who took this camera shot. Lets look more closely at reflection in astronauts visor.
The cameraman can be seen clad from head to toe in a black cloak, so as not to be seen against the black background/sky. But hey wait a sec, that looks like Batman with those pointed ears.
Any PAN's here amongst us? If so perhaps they can tell me, and the other dozen guys assisting me, how we get this half ton milk float onto the cardboard Lunar Module without the crane and heavy hydraulic lifting gear?
We know A. Shepard is the "Joker" with his golf club, and there's "Penguin" in the background, but where's Robin?
If the astronauts pull a ripcord and the whole unit unloads, unfolds and assembles itself, automatically, why are we having so much hassle?
May 2001, and diehard Pro Apollo fanatic, Jay Windley "Freaks Out" when he stumbles upon the NASASCAM website. It took him over 5 years to discover there were Apollo Moon hoax sites on the Internet.
In order to deny the truth, Windley then sets up his own fictional/fantasy website entitled Clavius. This was to pacify the Pro Apollo Nutters who were waking up to what NASA had done some 33 years earlier. 
Many people query, (and they have good reason to), who was on the Moon to take picture of Armstrong as he stepped of ladder. PAN's, with their usual idiotic replies, claim the camera was fixed to a pole on the LM itself. Camera/video experts however, claim the camera must have been at least 20 to 30 feet away from Armstrong to capture what we see in the frame.
Anyone seen a picture of LM with a 30 foot pole, and camera at the end of it? No I ain't either, however who was on the Moon to take a video of the LM landing? It can't be the astronauts from Apollo 10 as they did not land on the Moon, (come to think of it neither did Apollo 11). Must be astronauts from the Apollo 10½ mission.
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